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Mini FAQ

1. Where is your data come from?
We include all Github repositories with topic shacl-shapes and if they contain at least one RDF file with one instance of sh:NodeShape. Here you can find out more about topics.

2. How can i add my own shapes/repository?
Just create a repository at Github and add shacl-shapes as topic. The Github documentation helps you with that.

3. Do you care about the SHACL shapes itself?
No. We only check if there is at least one instance of sh:NodeShape available. In that case, the repository will be added.

4. Is this service open source?
Yes. You can find the code at Github. Feel free to host your own instance.

5. Who is responsible for this?
This installation runs on the private webspace of Konrad Abicht. (German law demands this)

The following repositories contain SHACL shapes

# 1 - w3c/data-shapes

Repository URL:

RDF Data Shapes WG repo

# 2 - AKSW/shacl-shapes

Repository URL:

Repository for SHACL shapes. Contributions welcome!

# 3 - SEMICeu/dcat-ap_shacl

Repository URL:

DCAT-AP SHACL constraint definitions